Products and Services

Our quality approach

The "quality" philosophy is omnipresent and solidly anchored in all company aspects….. a judicious selection of raw materials, constant search for new ideas and implementation of the best manufacturing processes.

A competence in constant evolution!

Produced by a highly qualified labour force, projects realized by Charl-Pol inc. are often complex and quality controls require a very high level of thoroughness.

Considering the expertise required in this field and the necessity to establish a foolproof relationship of trust with its clientele, Charl-Pol inc. has a highly-coveted market niche and accessible to very few companies.

Our specialties are :

  • Fabricated parts manufacturing
  • Precision machining
  • Industrial engineering and design

Products the most frequently manufactured by our company are :

  • Fabricated parts;
  • Carbon steel manufacturing;
  • Stainless steel manufacturing;
  • Aluminum manufacturing;
  • Pressure tanks;
  • Pot shells for aluminum smelters;
  • Industrial piping.

Specialized in the manufacturing and repair of pot shells for aluminum smelters, we use state-of-the art technology: semi-automatic high-pressure welding of aluminum and stainless steel.

Furthermore, the company wants to diversify its offer by developing the sectors of international aluminum smelters, pulp and paper, hydroelectricity and mining.