Charl-Pol inc., a heavy industrial equipment manufacturer, is an internationally acknowledged leader in the sectors where its involvement is required, offers to its customers and partners innovative and effective solutions that meet the requirements and criteria of high quality standards in a safe and healthy environment.


It is our belief that there is no successful business without strong values:


Human Ressources
The greatness of a company is measured by the value of all its men and women. We make certain that all our employees get the opportunity to develop their workmanship and potential and grow in a business where it is motivating to work.

Loyalty is a virtue that entails important commitment and effort.  It will always require sturdy fidelity to one's convictions, acting with sincerity and honesty, respect, trust and dedication.


Charl-Pol strongly believes in the benefits of teamwork.  The contribution of each individual's input, concern and solutions is vital to the success of an undertaking.  The team members jointly determine their objectives, come up with ideas, make decisions and work collectively to achievement of the assigned task.

Common prosperity
A company cannot be successful if it does not promote prosperity and opportunity for others. Charl-Pol is proud of behaving as a responsible corporate citizen, highly concerned that the company is with the well-being of all the communities in which it operates.

Meaning results
Contributing to the success of the company by sales growth and strict management of its production costs is of the utmost important. Everyone involved should be informed and understand the expectations of the organization.  Setting goals in line with its customers' needs and demands and acting to achieve them also plays a big role in our company.

At a time where everything is changing at a frenetic pace and when the global economy is extremely volatile, only the visionary and innovative companies can ensure their survival. As we have done for nearly 100 years, we are resolutely turned towards the future, anticipating the needs and demands of the market, to ensure our success in the long term.